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About Chen Qing
Chen Qing is a celebrated venture capitalist, real estate developer and business owner in the Asia-Pacific region and in Mainland China where he lives for most of the year. He is considered one of the most astute investors in financial services, fintech, energy and industrials companies in particular and has been described by mainland China’s business publications as “a sort of mid-stage Godfather in Asian private equity” (Caijing) and the “one of the business people to most resemble the ideal of the contemporary Chinese Dream: humble, generous and deal-sharp all at the same time” (Capital). 
His investments comprise majority stakes in some of the world’s largest and most profitable companies, expanding from his more typical niche into mining, hydropower and manufacturing companies more recently.
He is the part-owner of a newly-discovered gold mine outside of Beijing with over 400 tons of gold and copper reserves, making it the largest known mine in mainland China today.
In 2014, via a mutual friend Mr. Chen became invested in fintech companies, two of which would later become the world’s first bank grade trading providers for commodities and precious metals.
Thus began Mr. Chen’s fascination with innovative financial solutions and by association with all disruptive Blockchain applications.